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About Us

Progress: A Spark Labs’ Community is built by women and for all women (inclusive of anyone who identifies or wishes to identify as a woman). Our community is safe and our members are bold, courageous, authentic and kind. 

Together, we are changing the trajectory of women in technology and business by building a network to accelerate women's careers by mentorship, education and guidance from industry leaders. 

We empower up and coming leaders to innovate with intention and inclusivity for the greater good. Together, we create a safe, educational, and diverse network to help *all* women reach success in technology and in business.

We are currently accepting members and there is no cost to join. 

Interested in sponsorship? Please visit https://www.sparklabsco.com/partners for further information & details.

Why Join Progress?

By connecting women with networking opportunities (both online and in-person), training and education, sponsorship and mentorship, and having transparent, diverse and authentic conversations in a safe community, all women benefit by rapid personal and career growth, networking and faster advancement to the C-Suite.

Progress, a Spark Labs’ Community offers many benefits, including educational material, resources, a great network of mentors, advisors and sponsors and much more. There is a Q&A forum, topic areas that range from communication to promotions to difficult discussions with your boss, and we regularly post new educational materials and information on being a new manager, negotiating a cross-organizational move - and the tougher topics around harassment in the workplace and how to figure out the best way to resolve it. 

We also offer interest areas, such as technology, open source, law, finance and more, so you can pick your area of business you want to focus down on - or, you can pick them all. There are limitless opportunities to learn and network.

Who is Progress for?

Progress: A Spark Labs’ Community, is built by women and for women (+those that identify or wish to identify as women) and for those that want to accelerate their career to the C-Suite. It is a curated community, which means there is a short form to apply for it. We mainly want to ensure that you are who you say you are and that our resources will be of benefit to you. Currently we are not accepting applications from members of human resources organizations or recruiters. 

This community is being built with Fortune 1000 employees, managers, leaders and more in mind. We are focused on the technology industry, but have areas that include other business areas, such as finance and law. 

All of our members have a few things in common: we are actively pursing the acceleration of our career, and interested in learning how to do so. If this is you, this community is right up your alley.